Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Introduction

Course Details

  • Microsoft PowerPoint is highly recognised worldwide for presentation programmes established for Microsoft Windows. Being extensively used by businesses, teachers, and instructors, it is amongst the greatest leading methods of presentation technology.

Course Contents

Below, is a range of subjects you will use throughout the training course:

Getting Started with PowerPoint 2013

  • Meeting Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 
  • Creating a Presentation 
  • Working with Your Presentation 
  • Editing Your Presentation 
  • Arranging Slides 
  • Getting Help in PowerPoint

Understanding & Customising the PowerPoint Interface

  • Getting Acquainted 
  • The Quick Access Toolbar 
  • Tabs and Groups 
  • Customizing the Ribbon

Creating and Formatting Presentations

  • Using Templates 
  • Working with Text Boxes 
  • Basic Editing Tools 
  • Formatting Text 
  • Formatting Text 
  • Advanced Text Tools

Adding Shapes and Art to Your Presentation

  • Drawing Shapes 
  • Working with Shapes 
  • Working with Text and Shapes 
  • Advanced Shape Tasks

Viewing and Printing Your Presentation

  • Using Layouts and Views
  • Viewing a Slide Show 
  • Preparing Your Presentation 
  • Printing Your Presentation

Adding the Finishing Touches

  • Research Tools  
  • Using Themes and Backgrounds
  • Creating Slide Transitions 
  • Creating Basic Animations 
  • Creating Advanced Animations