PRINCE2® Foundation

Course Details

PRINCE2® (Projects in controlled Environments) was established in the 1980's, which was originally called PROMPT II. Now, known as PRINCE2®, it is one of the most established project management frameworks in the  industry. PRINCE2® can be used by people in a wide variety of positions such as project managers or a team leaders. PRINCE2® is partially owned by the UK government and by Captia, a business process outsourcing company.

As mentioned above PRINCE2® was originally called PROMPT II. This course had seven segments to it. Later, in the 1980's PRINCE® was released, where it had a much more defined management structure. Next, the original PRINCE2® was released, which had removed BAC and TAC which were part of its predecessor. Later, in 2009, PRINCE2® was heavily changed. Some of the changes included, eight component had been reduced to seven and more support guidelines. 

PRINCE2® Foundation features

There are different types of PRINCE2® courses, which include PRINCE2® foundation and practitioner, PRINCE® overview and PRINCE2® practitioner upgrade.

PRINCE2® Foundation has no entry requirements but your are required to do some pre course reading. You need to read three chapters of the PRINCE2® manual, 70 multiple choice questions to test your knowledge and to complete a pre-course workbook.

The course structure is the course takes place over 3 days, where one of our highly experienced instructor will teach you the content of PRINCE2® foundation. After the 3 days, you will take an exam to test your knowledge. The exam is one hour long, consists of 75 questions and your are required to get 50% correct to pass. Once you have you will have the tools to enhance your career prospects.There are three different methods of taking PRINCE2® foundation, which are classroom, online and onsite.

Classroom training is where you can choose from over 30 state of the art locations nationwide. Our instructors who are highly experienced in implementing and teaching PRINCE2® Foundation, this gives you the best chance of passing the exam. One of the advantages of this method is your are in a environment where you should feel 'safe', which allow you to ask any questions you might have. In addition, you are in a distraction-free environment, which allows you to fully focus on the course content. Furthermore, the instructor will allow you to ask questions you might have, which will help to clarify any confusion with the course content.

Another method you can choose to take PRINCE2® foundation is online training. This is where the whole course, including the exam and course content are provided over the internet. But don't worry, a dedicated instructor will teach you the course and allow you to ask any questions you might have. One of the obvious advantages of this method is you don't need to travel to one of our high quality locations, which saves you time and money. Furthermore. studies have found the online training gives your better retention of the content, than other methods. This is because you are more engaged with this method, which leads to enhanced retention rate.  Also, this method gives you a the best value for money out of all the training methods.

The final method for delivering PRINCE2® foundation is onsite training. This is where one of our heavily experienced instructors will come to your work place to deliver the course. One of the advantages of this method is it allows for different department who usually don't work together to understand each other roles better and allow for greater team work. Also, it saves you time and money travelling to one of our state of the art locations. In addition, employers can overview the training process, which allows them to appraise their worker performance

Course Contents

Our course includes these topics:

  • Basics of PRINCE2®
  • Business Case Theme
  • Organisation Theme
  • Quality Theme
  • Plans Theme
  • Risk Theme
  • Change Theme
  • Progress Theme
  • Starting up a Project Process
  • Directing a Project Process
  • Initiating a Project Process
  • Controlling a Stage Process
  • Managing Product Delivery Process
  • Managing a Stage Boundary Process
  • Closing a Project Process
  • Tailoring PRINCE2® to the project environment


What is the structure of this exam?

• The exam for this course is complete with 75 multiple choice questions and the duration of the exam is 1 hour.

What work should you complete before the course?

• Firstly you should read through the first 3 chapters of ‘Managing successful projects with PRINCE2® then you should complete the pre-course workbook and finally complete 75 multiple choice questions.

Who will be instructing me during the course:

The instructors you will be provided with have vast experience both implementing and teaching PRINCE2® Foundation.

At what time should I arrive at the venue of the course?

The course will start at 9am over the three days, so we recommend you arrive at 8:45am.

How can I contact you for more information?

If you feel that you need more information than what is provided about any course then please contact us using our number 01159 031 029 or feel free to email us at