MSP® Practitioner Upgrade

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MSP® (Managing successful programmes) is one of the most established framework for project management. MSP® is very versatile so it can be used in a wide variety of organisations, such as the London Olympics and BP. 

There are three core theories in an MSP® structure:

MSP® Principles – Following on from positive and negative involvements of programmes. This develops to the proposal of better techniques.

MSP® Governance Themes – A direction of a business’s technique to project management, how to arrange and succeed a team professionally for the best effects.

MSP® Transformational Flow – the growth of a project from beginning to end which consists of the conclusions and benefits.

MSP® was originally called CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) where it was developed in the late 1980's. It was a project management framework that focused mainly on IT organisations and it was very successful during it's time. However, in the late 1990's, it was replaced by MSP®, which have been used globally ever since.

MSP® provides a courses for individual or organisations who have a wide range of requirements. They are MSP® Foundation, MSP® Foundation and Practitioner, MSP® Practitioner, MSP® Practitioner upgrade and MSP® re-registration.  Here at Course Bargains, we provide all of that course at a affordable price.

MSP® Practitioner upgrade has been designed for people who have an interest in project management. The entry requirement are to hold MSP® Foundation qualification. The course lasts 2 days and on the last day, you will take the MSP® Practitioner exam. The exam consists of 80 question and you need to get at least half of the correct to pass.

MSP® Practitioner upgrade

There are three methods to take MSP® practitioner upgrade with Course Bargains. They are classroom, online and onsite. 

Classroom training is one of the methods you can choose to take with MSP® Practitioner upgrade. This is where you are sent to one of our high quality location around the United Kingdom. One instructors are highly experienced in both teaching and implementing MSP®. This gives you the confidence to pass the exam. One of the advantages of this methods is you get the ‘human touch' from this method, which is missing from other types of training. Also, you will have the opportunity to ask any question you might have where the instructor will be happy to answer them.  Also, your are in a distraction free environment, which allows you to fully focus on the course content. Furthermore, you are in 'safe' environment, so you can ask any question you might have without the worry them being disseminated beyond the classroom.

Another method you can choose to take MSP® Practitioner upgrade is online training. This is where you the course and the exam are provided over the internet via a secure link. One of the immediate advantages of this methods is you can take the course over 90 days, which is more than any of our competitors. Also, you don't need to travel one of our high quality locations, which saves you time and money. Furthermore, a study has found that online training has a better retention rate compared to other types of training. This is because online training is more interactive compared to other types of training. In addition, online training provides you with the best value for money compared to other types of training.

The final method is onsite training, this is where we one of our highly experienced instructors are sent to your workplace. One of the advantages of this method is if you are an employer, you can overview you employee's performance. Also, as you are taking the course in your workplace, you don't need to travel to one of our state of the art locations, which saves you time and money. Furthermore, it allows for people in different departments to work together, which encourages team work and increase morale.

The Course Bargains MSP® Practitioner course, signifies a best preparation process in the education of project management. MSP® stands for Managing Successful Programmes and indicates a construction that is flexible and adaptable to assure the requirements of local surroundings.

Course Contents

The Course Bargains MSP® Practitioner course contains the following modules shown below:

Principles of MSP®

Governance Theme



Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement

Benefit Realisation Management

Blueprint design and delivery

Planning and Control

The Business Case

Risk management and issue resolution

Quality management

Transformational Flow Overview

Identifying a Programme

Defining a Programme

Managing the Tranches

Delivering the Capability

Realising the Benefits

Closing a programme

Tailoring MSP® to the programme environment


What are the details for the exam?

• A 80 question Objective Test Examination • The pass mark is set at 40 out of 80 (50%)

Who will be instructing me during the course:

Our instructors are fully qualified and have a large amount of experience around the globe.

At what time should I arrive at the venue of the course?

We recommend that delegates arrive around 15 minutes before the beginning of the course.

How can I contact you for more information?

If you feel that you need more information than what is provided about any course then please contact us using our number 01159 031 029 or feel free to email us at