Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Course Details

Lean Six Sigma is a group of practices that help to maximise your businesses performance by logically removing unnecessary resource consuming process from any business. This process ensure you gain the optimum amount of productivity from your employee's and assets. Today, Lean Six Sigma has been adopted by multiple multi-national companies such as Ford, Nokia and Sony.

Lean Six Sigma was a result of Motorola, a large mobile manufacture, decided that the accepted quality measure that are used globally are not satisfactory. So the decided to create a methodology that helps to make any business as lean as possible by systematically removing inefficient process.

There are three types of Lean Six Sigma training courses, which are green belt, yellow belt and black belt. You work your way from yellow belt, which is for beginners where they get a awareness of how to use Lean Six Sigma in the work place. Next, green belt sigma certification, focuses on lean principles, DMAIC and tools usage. The highest tier is black belt, which is used to implement Lean Six Sigma principles across the whole business. This ensure your business wil operate at the highest productivity ever.

Yellow belt would be used by team members. Green belt would be implemented by project leaders and black belt certification to be used by project managers and senior members of management. 

Features of lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is for people who have been recommended to pass both the yellow belt and green belt exam. Upon completion of the exam and passing them, you will be a certified in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. This course has no entry requirements and all you need is to have a interest in business performance improvement.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course consists of 2 parts. The first of which, you obtain the basic idea behind Lean Six Sigma. The 2nd part you will be taught the tools and knowledge in order to pass the green belt exam.

The yellow belt exam consists of 10 question, which are taken over an hour. The pass mark is 70% and it is an open book exam. The green belt exam consist of 30 questions, which lasts 2 hours. Also, your are required to get 70% correct in order to pass.

There are three methods you can choose to take Leans Six Sigma Green Belt. They are classroom, online and onsite training.

Classroom training is where you choose one of our 35 state of the art locations, which are located around the United Kingdom. Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge in Green Belt Lean Six Sigma, which gives you the knowledge and confidence to pass the exam. One of the main advantages of this method of training is your have the opportunity to ask questions you might have. In addition, you are in a safe environment, where you can ask questions you might have and rest assured it will be kept confidential. Furthermore, you will be in a distraction-free environment, this ensures you can fully focus on the course content.

Another method of training is the online training. This is where the course sessions and the exam are given over a secure link over the internet. One of the immediate advantages of this method is you aren't required to travel to one of our high quality location, which saves you time and money. Another benefit of this method is you can take the course any time or place that suites you. Furthermore, you can use message boards where you can discuss issues you might be having with the course.

The final method of training is onsite training, which is where one of our highly experienced instructors are sent to your workplace to deliver the course. One of the advantages is it allows for different departments who usually don't work together, which allows for team building. Also, it allows for employers to overview the training process, thus evaluating their performances. Furthermore, employers can manage costs as they can limit the number of people attending the course.


Course Contents

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 3 day session involves different modules such as:


Project Charter

Business Case

Stakeholder Analysis Communication Plan Voice of the Customer

Identify and Segment Key Customers

Critical to Quality (CTQ) Requirements Verifying CTQs

House of Quality

Hi-level Process Map (S.I.P.O.C)

Project Plan


Understanding Variability

Measurement Basics Measurement Process and Plan Selecting Measures

Data Definition and Sources


Measuring Yield and Capability

Implementing the Measurement Plan


Data Analysis

Pareto Charts

Frequency Charts Run Charts Scatter Diagrams

Variation and Defect Analysis

Process Mapping and Analysis

Value Stream Analysis

Complexity Cause and Effect Analysis


Process Vision Brain Storming Lean Principles

Enabling the Flow

Level Scheduling



Visual Management

Theory of Constraints Selecting Solutions Developing Solution Options

How to Run Kiazen events and Improvement Teams

Risk analysis

FMEA Risk Analysis

Implementation Planning


Simple and appropriate documentation

Mistake Proofing

Statistical Control


Control Charts

I, X Bar and R Charts

Process Management

Lean Six Sigma Scorecards

Project Close and Handover


What does Course Bargains provide me with during the course?

• Lean six sigma green belt exam

• Certificate

• Highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors

• Refreshments

What are the exam details?

A 60 question multiple choice examination with a pass mark of 40 out of 60. Success in this examination indicates that the candidate would be able to act as a practitioner member of an improvement management team using the Lean Six Sigma method within a process improvement environment supporting Lean Six Sigma.

Who will be instructing me?

The instructors you will be provided have vast knowledge in lean six sigma and are also heavily experinced in teaching lean six sigma green belt.

When should I arrive to the venue?

The course will start at 9am across the 5 days, so you should aim to arrive at 9 or earlier.

How can I contact you?

If you would like more information about any course please feel free to either contact us on 01159 031 029 or you can email us at info@coursebargains.com.