Modelling Business Processes Online

Course Contents

Below is a list of the modules which will be covered during the programme:

Context for business process modelling

  • Business systems and IT systems
  • Definition of a process
  • Context and detailed approaches
  • Logical and physical processes
  • Roles and responsibilities in business process modelling
  • Process and functional views of an organisation

The organisational view

  • Stakeholders
  • Value chain analysis
  • Systems within an organisation
  • Scope of processes
  • Case study – stakeholder identification and value chain analysis

Modelling an organisation

  • Case study – high-level organisation models

Modelling processes

  • Approaches to process modelling
  • Flow charts
  • Scenario descriptions
  • Activity diagrams
  • End-to-end process maps (‘swim lane’ diagrams)
  • Business events
  • Business rules

Creating ‘As is’ process models

  • Case study – identifying business events and constraints
  • Case study – creating an ‘is’ process map

Analysing tasks

  • Identifying tasks
  • Business events
  • Business rules
  • Task analysis worksheets

Human aspects of performance

  • Support required
  • Standards
  • Skills
  • Feedback and consequences
  • Human performance worksheets

Managing and measuring processes

  •  The role of the manager
  •  Hierarchy of measures
  • Formal approaches to measurement – Six Sigma

Process improvement and redesign

  • To be’ process models
  • Benchmarks
  •  Process problems:
  •  Process disconnects
  • Handoffs
  • Delays
  • Lack of IT support
  • Process redesign patterns

Creating ‘To be’ process models

  • Case study – ‘should process maps’

Implementation issues

  • IT requirements
  • Organisation design
  • People issues
  • Procedure design
  • Managing change
  • Case study – implementation

IT support for business processes

  • Bridging the gap between processes and IT
  • Defining IT requirements from process models

Course summary and review

  • Review of concepts and techniques