NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work

Course Details

The NEBOSH training programme is provided by Course Bargains and is highly recognised in the industry on a global scale. These training sessions are targeted for anybody looking to work in Health & Safety or Managing in different environments.


The Course Bargains 3 day programme explains the requirements that directors, managers and staff have in the office to assure that the environmental risks are managed correctly.

Course Contents

Here below is a wide variety of topics that will be covered during this course:

Element 1: The foundations of health and safety

•The scope and nature of workplace health and safety.

•The reasons for practicing good standards of health and safety.

•The key internal and external sources of health and safety information.


 Element 2: Principles of fire and explosion

•Health and safety role and responsibilities of relevant parties.

•Key features of a system to effectively manage health and safety.

•How accidents are caused and the role and function of accident recording and investigation.

•Methods of improving health and safety performance.


Element 3: Causes and prevention of fires

•Causes of fires and explosions in typical work activities.

•Appropriate control measures to minimise fire risks.


 Element 4: Hazards and controls associated with work equipment

•General health and safety requirements for work equipment.

•Main hazards and controls for work equipment.


 Element 5: Transport safety

•Hazards presented by the movement of vehicles in the workplace and the appropriate control measures.


 Element 6: Hazards and controls associated with working with electricity

•Hazards associated with the use of electricity in the workplace.

•Control measures that need to be taken when working with electrical systems or using electrical equipment


 Element 7: Fire safety

•The benefits of adequate fire risk assessment and the matters which should be addressed when undertaking a basic fire risk assessment.

•Basic principles of fire prevention and fire controls in the future in the workplace.


 Element 8: Hazards and controls associated with manual handling and repetitive movement

•Hazards from manual handling and repetitive physical activities.

•Ways of controlling risks from manual handling and ergonomic risks.


Element 9: Hazards and controls associated with hazardous substances

•Forms of, classification of and routes of entry for hazardous substances.

•Sources of information to be considered when undertaking an assessment of the health risks from substances commonly encountered in the workplace.

•Controls that should be used to reduce the risk of ill-health from exposure to hazardous substances.

•Steps to minimise the environmental impact of fire and firefighting operations.


Element 10: Hazards and controls associated with the working environment

•Common welfare and work environment requirements, hazards and controls in the workplace.

•Hazards to pedestrians in the workplace and the appropriate control measures.

•Common psychosocial hazards which may be encountered in the workplace, the persons affected and control measures.

•Health effects associated with exposure to noise and vibration and the appropriate control measures.


•Requirements for, and effective provision of, first aid in the workplace.


Who will be instructing me?

The instructors at Course Bargains are highly qualified and have global experience.

When should I arrive to the venue?

You should aim to arrive at 9am.

How can I contact you?

If you would like more information about any course please feel free to either contact us on 01159 031 029 or you can email us at